Sans Permis x Nyck Caution

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Pro Era / Beast Coast rapper Nyck Caution. If you're a true New York hip-hop fan, Caution needs no introduction. Pro Era is widely recognised as the King of New York's underground, and features other big name artists like Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, and Aaron Rose. 

Caution's story and work speak very directly to the Sans Permis brand vision. He tells the story of a guy who always backed himself, and who never folded to any fear or doubt in his constant pursuit of greatness. Now 25, a widely respected artist, with his prime ahead of him, there is no telling the accolades that Caution may receive and the impact that he may have in the future. The video above and the photos below show Caution swagged out in the Sans Permis jumpsuit and talking about what living without permission means to him. Enjoy. 

nyck caution hoodie

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nyck caution freestyle

Video by Teo Marr and Juan Vasquez. Photography by Stefen Pompee and Logan Poe