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Had a solid week. There was a bit of a production issue as we're preparing the product for fall/winter, and I'm working on resolving this. Not a pleasant part of the process, but such is life and we must A$AP. 

jersey design of high end basketball team

Our rec league team is in full motion and it's been fun. Helping generate real experiences and conversations around the brand. I'm working on setting up a more legit hoops series - maybe a monthly pickup game that is set up in collaboration with another cool brand which I shouldn't name yet. But this is now in motion. 

Also working on setting up an artist series where we shoot and work with up & coming talent in the area. More on this soon. 

Also went up to work on some blank white samples this week. Working on ensuring the blank is of the highest quality out there...super heavyweight cotton and oversized. And then we'd use these blanks as part of the above two events, to be sold in conjunction with the higher-end product that's currently available on site. 

The grind continues. Thanks for taking the time to read and stay up. 



Third blog post. Turns out this will no longer be a daily blog lol, not really doable time or honestly motivation wise. I think we'll start making this a once-a-week blog for Sunday nights. Starting this Thursday afternoon ha. 

Last couple weeks have been pretty tough - was working on the basketball collection and a big game/event at Rucker Park but this ultimately wasn't the right choice time or budget wise. So I took a week to think and figure out the next move. The next move is in motion but it's too soon to share so I'll save the details until it's real. 

basketball graphic design logo

Beyond the above, the Sans Permis Hoops team had our debut game last night, came away with a one point 67-66 win!! Was cool to have everyone come together and play and we'll start to get some content of the games and us rocking these jerseys in them soon. Here are the soon-to-arrive jerseys: 

design of basketball jerseys



Second blog post it's lit!! First one was surprisingly well received so looks like this will be a fun/worthwhile usage of my and hopefully your time. 

Today was pretty similar to yesterday. Had a couple fabric meetings - here is a picture of me walking in a fabric company's office, because apparently I'm self-absorbed enough to post a picture of me walking in an office haha. man walking through fabric textile office

I picked up some more swatches - some of which were dope, which is promising - and then we (my younger brother and my friend Drew) bounced from that meeting (3pm) to a 4pm meeting at a sample house/factory. This was actually a really cool meeting...I'd say with 90% of vendors/people in the fashion biz it's pretty clear that they're out to get you. Like, visibly people will light up when they see me (young, by myself) and I can just tell they're trying to find the easiest angle to kinda screw me or get a couple extra dollars. Today's meeting was very different, the woman took an hour to explain her process, explain tons of detail and basically teach me a bunch about what will go into this hoops collection. I got a little video of their office space for whoever cares to observe the interior design of this factory's meeting space. (laughing/crying emoji because this made me laugh).

On the way back downtown, we stopped at Kith for a sec to see what some of my favorite brands were doing with their basketball-inspired pieces. John Elliott's was clean, Kith always comes through with premium detailing (see below). It's kinda like watching film of your opponent in basketball. Like, I definitely appreciate what they're doing (otherwise why would I look), but at the same time I want to do something cooler or more subtle or unique than them. Then I came home and napped for 15 mins. Naturally I never fell asleep lol. 

john elliott basketball shorts kith hoodie zipper detail

Post half-nap (around 7pm), I had a bunch of emails to send (to NYC Park permits trying to lock down space for the ball game, a couple emails just sharing content and a couple with my main factory about scheduling for this hoops thing). 

Next exciting project is I'm getting a rec-league Sans Permis ball team together. So I hit up all my friends who hoop and may have interest in playing to assemble the OG Sans Permis squad. As of 10:11pm, July 9, 2019, our 8th and final member just confirmed his down-ness. So the squad is officially set. We'll be playing in custom jerseys (naturally), starting next week. I'm basically the Jackie Moon of the squad, so even if I'm 0-11 from the floor and slacking on defense (not that unlikely), I can tell myself that I put the team together so I get to do what I want (lol). 

So orchestrating the squad together took about an hour.5 of aggressive texting/facetime calls. Now I'm going to work on some content - I had put out a poll on IG asking if people want more interviews with like-minded artists and it was a resounding yes. I linked with this super cool artist Pick Patek a while ago (last year actually), and we did an interview. So I'm gonna spend the next hour or so getting that up on the site, plus there's one other that I'll probably start working on until I fade into the darkness and loneliness that is Stranger Things Episode 5 while cuddling my pillow. Or I may go out because a friend said there's something going on, we shall see. 

Also last update is I made a couple sales these last few days so treated myself to these absolutely fire Stella McCartney shoes (light flex). Honestly will probably cuddle these instead of a pillow tn. 

stella mccartney no smile no service shoes

Peace and love to whoever's here with me. May we stay strong in this often difficult and confusing thing called life. 


First blog post! haha. I have no idea what I'm doing and really not sure if this will be worthwhile, but I think for whoever does read (if anyone), it will 1. help you understand the process of starting a brand/company 2. hopefully be something you can read nightly just to help you keep pushing through your own hustle whatever it may be, because shit is tough out here!! And 3. it's like mental medicine for me to just vent. So let's get into it... 

I'm still not 100% sure why I decided to start this brand. I had a decent amount of money saved up from jobs/internships and figured I should use it to try something I was more inclined to do than working a shitty job that I hate. Every 'real' job I've had since graduating school felt like it literally sucked the life out of my soul and left me totally sad and dead on the inside. So I kinda followed my heart/instinct/cluelessness and Sans Permis is the result. It's been really cool so far but also extremely challenging. Highs so far have been 1. seeing CJ McCollum wearing my hoodie and 2. working with Marlon Craft 3. meeting really cool people who I now call friends. Lows definitely shouldn't be discussed on a public forum haha. I guess they say nothing good comes easy. 

I just had a much-needed one week holiday and I read "This is Not a T-Shirt" by Bobby Hundreds (of The Hundreds). Amazing book and I highly recommend if you're in clothing but just an entrepreneur in general. He wrote a lot about how he focused on building a community behind his brand rather than essentially "clout chasing". Last thing I want to allow myself to be is become a clout chaser purely living for other people's recognition, and I think writing this blog will keep me grounded and really engrave this sense of community and openness into the Sans Permis brand. Having said that, on YG's song Hard Bottoms & White Socks, he says "I'm on some thirsty shit, I want the recognition, clout chasing - whoever think different I'm dissing". And sometimes I relate to that too. But I think there's a balance to everything and I personally would rather lean towards authenticity and community than fame-chasing and cockiness. I feel like the latter is when the ego beats the soul, which is BAD FOR THE SOUL (shoutout one of my favorite artists, Siimba Selassiie. 

Anyway, I think what makes sense with this is I basically write out what I did during each day to keep the ball rolling forward with Sans Permis. And whatever else is on my mind. And after a month or so I'll see how this is going and make a call on whether or not to continue with it.

Today was good. Summary:

guys hanging out in soho and lower east side of new york

My youngest brother is visiting so we met up with another good friend to go see some fabrics uptown in the Garment District to check out some fabrics for the upcoming hoops collection. I'm currently hustling to organise 1. a basketball game in early fall and 2. a limited release hoops collection that will drop in conjunction with the game. Most rational people would look at my self-proposed timeline and the workload required to organise this all and call me delusional. But fuck it lol. 

So to get this collection together, there are a lot of moving pieces. The first two are:

1. The Designs

Clothing design sketches (CADs) for basketball collection

You can see the first sketches above. Next step on the design process is adding the branding so people can know it's Sans Permis. There are a couple different ways I can do this (thinking vintage vs. simple, how complex vs. minimal I want to go, etc.) I personally work best visually so I'm gonna get a couple different options together and make the final call from there.

2. The Fabrics

brown envelope

fabric cards and swatches for a fashion label

I'm trying to ensure this is an elevated hoops collection so I don't want to use just any mesh fabric. This is a huge process - I've reached out to 10+ textile sourcing companies in the city to gather as many swatches (a swatch is a card with the fabric on it, plus all the colors that this particular fabric is available in). Today's meeting was just to grab my favorite swatches from a textile company, Zentex (they're really great to work with so if you're in the fashion game and want fabrics, hit them up).

3. There's tons more going on. But for now these two were today's main focus and I'm tired and sick of working/writing.

For whoever read this, I appreciate you a lot FOR REAL. For those who didn't read it, fuck you all and I hope you wake up from your sleep at 3.30am!!! lol. 




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